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How to Speed up WordPress website: A Comprehensive Guide (Updated)

Speed up WordPress is necessary for this competitive world. quick loading webs page eventually improve user experience, increase your page views, and this will help to boost your WordPress SEO. This is guide we take you through step by step how you can implement WordPress seed up optimization, In that we got you covered why speed matters for WordPress Site, […]

How To Stop Search Engines From Indexing Specific Pages And Posts In WordPress

Most of the website owners are happy to see their website to be indexed and Google should give results as soon as early possible. Search engine spiders will crawl your whole website to analyse your content and store it in their database to give better results to users. when users requested for a particular query. […]

How To Install WordPress On Google Cloud Platform: Step by Step Guide

Like other cloud platforms, you can Install WordPress On Google Cloud Platform for high performance, scaling purpose of your website. One thing makes you use Google Cloud Platform over the other platform is Google uses the same software and hardware infrastructure for their products like YouTube and Gmail Google Cloud Platform has Compute Engine refers to them as machine types. Recently released Compute Engine machine […]