WordPress 4.9 – Tipton Released

On 16 November WordPress new version Tipton released with major changes. Version 4.9 of WordPress, named “Tipton” in honor of jazz musician Billy Tipton. WordPress 4.9 Update comes with smooth design workflow and safe from coding errors.

It Comes with featuring design drafts, scheduling, and locking, with preview links, the Customizer workflow improves collaboration for content creators. Code syntax highlighting and error checking will help you for a clean and smooth site building experience. New Gallery widget and improvements to theme browsing and switching.

Customizer Workflow Improved

Customizer Workflow Improved

Draft and Schedule Site Design Customizations

Its pretty simple as Just like you can draft and revise posts and schedule them to go live on the date and time. As same as post now you can  now tinker with your site’s design and schedule those design changes to go live.

Collaborate with Design Preview Links

This helps when you need clients feedback or approvals on site design change  WordPress 4.9 gives you a preview link you can send to colleagues and customers so that you can collect feedback and integrate those before you schedule the changes to go live. So that is perfectly called as collaboration

Design Locking Guards Your Changes

Similar to post locking feature where two designers walk into a project and designer X overrides designer Y’s beautiful changes? WordPress 4.9’s design lock feature secures your draft design so that no one can make changes to it or erase all your hard work.

A Prompt to Protect Your Work

If you are lured away from your desk before you saved your new draft design? when you return, WordPress 4.9 will ask whether or not you’d like to save your unsaved changes.


Coding Enhancements

Coding Enhancements WprdPress 4.9

Syntax Highlighting and Error Checking?

Syntax highlighting and error checking for CSS editing and the Custom HTML widget introduced in WordPress 4.8.1, you’ll pinpoint coding errors quickly. SO its easy to figure out exactly what went wrong in the CSS the code which you had write. Practically  its guaranteed to scan code more easily, and suss out & fix code errors quickly.

Sandbox for Safety

When working on themes and plugin code, WordPress 4.9 will warn you about saving an error.  So its pretty easy to avoid The dreaded white screen

Warning: Potential Danger Ahead!

When you edit themes and plugins directly.  WordPress 4.9 will politely warn you that  This is a dangerous practice and will recommend that you draft and test changes before updating your file.

Even More Widget Update

Even More Widget Updates WordPress 4.9











The New Gallery Widget

Improvement to the media hatched in WordPress 4.8, you can now add a gallery via this new  Gallery Widget

Press a Button, Add Media

Add Media button is simple one if you want to add media to your text widget? Embed images, video, and audio directly into the widget along with your text.

 Site Building Improvements

Site Building Improvements WordPress 4.9


More Reliable Theme Switching

When you switch themes, widgets sometimes think they can just move location. WordPress 4.9 offer more persistent menu and widget placements, It gives more control over your placements

Find and Preview the Perfect Theme

Want to update new theme for your site? Now, from within the Customizer, you can search, browse, and preview over 2600 themes before deploying changes to your site. Now more power to Find and Preview, you can speed up your theme search with filters for subject, layout and features

Better Menu Instructions = Less Confusion

Are you confused by the steps to create a new menu? WordPress 4.9 comes with a smoother menu creation process.


WordPress 4.9 comes with major changes in all parts right from work flow improvements to Coding Enhancements,  Widget Update to Site Building. As of now this will be one of the better update given by the WordPress team. You can update your WordPress and see the new improvements. Before update the WordPress its better to take backup of your entire site because there may be possibilities your older plugin / theme may not compatible with new WordPress 4.9


Source: https://wordpress.org/news/2017/11/tipton/

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