17 Nov

Hello World!

Just like you, we have been using WordPress to build personal blogs, company websites, eCommerce portals and more. Being bloggers/developers/designers we relied on hosting companies for self-hosted WordPress deployments.  If you haven’t already realized, finding a good host is a pain! We tried several hosting companies – moving the WordPress website almost every year to another host.

A new plugin you installed just broke your WordPress website and hosting company says that support is not in their scope. Someone just hacked your WordPress website and the hosting company says thats not in their support scope. Just like you we just wanted to use self hosted WordPress website – hassle free! Trying for over 9 years we could not find a web host that said – We’ll do it for you! So we thought of building such a hosting company and here we are introducing WPfog!

Say Hello to WPfog Managed WordPress Hosting…

With WPfog we aim to provide Fast, Reliable & Managed WordPress Hosting for Beginners, Bloggers, Startups & SME’s. WPfog will care for your website as much as you do.  WPfog will be with you every step of the way.

For everything WordPress we say – We’ll do it for you!

Install WordPress – We’ll do it for you!
Install & Setup Plugins – We’ll do it for you!
Install & Setup Theme – We’ll do it for you!
Update Core, Plugins, Themes – We’ll do it for you!
Setup Google Business Mails – We’ll do it for you!
Need WordPress Mobile App – We’ll do it for you!
WordPress hacked? – We’ll fix it for you!
Something broke by mistake? – We’ll restore backup for you!

And after reading this, you want to migrate from another host – we’ll do that too!

Your WordPress website is managed by a real person, not a bot or an automated system. We will help in keeping your WordPress installation up to date and secure. Make sure all the plugins and themes are up to date and in working conditions.

All our websites are protected against intrusions and malware. We make sure every WordPress website hosted with WPfog is hardened with security measures by our security experts. Regular backups and 1-click on demand restore services mean you never have to worry about anything.

So what are you waiting for?

Check out our awesome WordPress hosting packages. Use promo code “START” to get 50% discount till 30th November 2015. Sign up now and become a part of the community!


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